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  • Dr. Marius Lazar

    Neurology | Psychiatry | Dermatology (Immunodermatology) | GP

    Dr. Marius Lazar

    Specialist for Rare Diseases

    Trends come and go, we get older, hopefully also wiser; but two things never change: my glasses have always been round - and I will never put profit before your health.


    Dr. Marius W.-M. Lazar, is a neurologist, psychiatrist, dermatologist (immunodermatology) and, of course, also a general practitioner. You can see him in person in Athens, Bucharest, or Dubai. A native of Transylvanian Saxony, who lived for a long time in Africa as a diplomat's son, he practices in English and German.


    Alternatively, you can also use the video consultations that Dr. Lazar offers in cooperation with local colleagues in the countries where his patients live.


    At the same time, Dr. Lazar is director of the Lazar Medical Consortium Group, which provides evidence-based health care worldwide.


    Here, in his private practice Dr. Lazar is specialized in rare neurologic diseases (orphan diseases) as well as difficult cases at the crossroads of dermatology and immunology. He takes a multidisciplinary approach to providing excellent, individualized patient-centered care by bringing together a collaborative care team with different perspectives. His patients have access to a team of specialists, the latest diagnostic methods, personalized treatments and the latest research.


    All of this on the basis of providing affordable help for everyone and at a strict distance to the pharmaceutical industry or any other lobby group.


    For people with orphan diseases, it can be difficult to understand their condition, the medical problems they may encounter, and the options for treating their symptoms. That's why Dr. Lazar relies on a network of specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of such diseases who share his ethical standards.

    Dr. David Seideman

    Medical Director of the Lazar Group

    Dr. Seideman is the first senior physician in Dr. Lazar's private practice and is also a member of the Lazar Group management team. He was already treating orphan diseases when the term was barely established. Throughout his career, he has never lost touch with science and works hard to apply the standards of evidence-based medicine to the treatment of rare diseases as much as possible. We apologize that Dr. Seideman currently has a waiting list of about four months for consultations. Thoroughness is his standard, and that takes a lot of time.

    Dr. Lucas Smith

    Senior Physician

    As director of the Hellenic Health™ (part of the Lazar Group) Dr. Lucas Smith, neurologist and endocrinologist is Dr. Lazar’s second senior assistant in his private practice as well as his permanent deputy. Dr. Smith is a highly specialized neurologist (orphan diseases) and endocrinologist with a strong focus on neuropsychiatric syndromes. Appointments with Dr. Smith directly are available through the service center of the Lazar Clinic Group. In Dr. Lazar’s neurological private practice he is his senior assistant and stand-in in his absence.

    The Lazar Medical Consortium Group

    Evidence-based healthcare. Everywhere.

    The Lazar Group works with 120 doctors worldwide.

    With 3500+ including our partners.

    Alicia Popescu

    Personal Assistent to Dr. Lazar

    Phone +30-21-12344727


    LCG Greece

    16 Kifissias Avenue

    115 26 Athens, Greece

  • Lazar Research | LCG Greece

    Treatment and sharing of findings should not be separated in the case of rare diseases. Click here to see some of LCG’s work.

    We share what we learn through our work.

  • Medical examinations for telemedicine patients

    Possible thanks to our international partners.

    Laboratory tests

    All state of the art laboratory tests are available in more than 30 countries.

    MRI, CT, TCS

    Our partner practices and clinics perform examinations with MRI, CT and TCS (sonography of the brain). Scintigraphy is also still possible but less common than in the past. Due a three-step diagnostic procedure you will get an unusually high level of safety.

    Neurological exams

    All standard neurological tests are being provided by carefully selected partners in over 50 countries.

  • The Doctor will see you now.

    In various cities or at home.

    How Dr. Lazar works

    Clear rules.

    Dr. Lazar's top priority is to treat you as individually as your condition requires. Remote treatments (video telemedicine) in the strict sense are performed, but only in well-defined cases. Highly qualified colleagues in over 20 countries perform those physical examinations for Dr. Lazar that are not possible via video telemedicine.

    Prudence, vigilance and diligence.

    Remain humble to what you don’t know.

    Since no one is omniscient, being well-networked makes a big difference. Dr. Lazar has always made it a point to network with as many colleagues as possible. After all, there's nothing worse than a doctor who thinks he knows everything. Therefore “better safe than sorry” is his credo.


    Dr. Lazar puts great emphasis on continuously educating himself and sharing his knowledge. That's why he also contributes pro bono as an editor to DocCheck's medical encyclopedia, among other projects.


    Patients’ health first.

    Dr. Lazar passively supports the work of various national and international professional and expert associations. His patients receive all his active support.

  • Contact Dr. Marius Lazar

    In case of an emergency, please call an ambulance immediately!

    16 Kifissias Ave, 11526 Athens, EL, EU
    09:00h until 18:00h
    +30 21 123447-27
  • Information

    Videos (from inspiring colleagues)

    What is neurology?

    Why the world needs neurologists.

    International exchange.

    A key factor for a high quality standard.

    Dr. Josep Dalmau

    Neurology Journal

    PsychScene Hub

    Dr. Sanil Rege

    Live to the fullest.

    We’ll care for the rest.

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